About us

For God's Glory

Every one of us wants God to be glorified first of all. We are not doing this to glorify ourselves, we want to give Him all of the glory.

How we started.

I, Clayton, knew Jared from our church, which is a very good thing in my opinion.

I knew Jared fairly well, since we had been a part of the same church for a while.

We started making music together in the services, whether that was playing offertories together, or singing together for special music.

In 2020, or earlier, I cannot remember, I started talking to Jared about recording something to publish, and he went along with it, so we worked on song then we released it, but it was only out for less than a year. Fast forward a little bit, and we had not done very much yet, we still had only ever released one song. Then Jared gets married, imagine that, to a wonderful person newly named Leah Muller, this had me in an awkward position for a little while, but we eventually worked through it, and we were blessed with another member.

We have since then have started spending more time working, and now, thanks to that work, we have released another song, and we have several songs that we are working on to release in the future, hopefully soon.

Who Are We?


Jared is a singer, songwriter, and musician who strives to do his best to honor God. He never has a problem with laughing at his, and our mistakes in a loving way, while still encouraging everyone to do better.


Leah,  is a singer and musician, she desires to be ever improving, while still being able to enjoy the experiences in which she finds herself.


Clayton Smith is a music producer/engineer, singer, songwriter, and musician. He works to play and sound his best, to glorify God, and have fun in the process.